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Apex Association of Anioma Indigenes Condemns The Construction of Stalls Opposite Delta Police Headquarters

It is in total dismay and utter disbelief that we the Apex Association of Anioma Indigenes Inc observe with deep concern how a market structure is being constructed right opposite and overlooking the State force headquarters of Delta.

This structure which lines out conspicuously sits straight across the road and grants a clear view of the headquarters’ compound when looking at the command from the location of the stalls.

Then the first thing that calls to mind is ;
a) when did it no longer matter whether or not passers-by loiter or linger longer than necessary within, around, or at angles of precise observations of activities within a State security bureau?

b) How did the present spate of security threats that have seen the attack and collapse of many Police formations and structures across the country become a non-issue?

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c) Has it been considered that it could mean an open invitation to terrorist attacks as its unsuspecting vendors and customers might become soft targets for the criminal-minded, who would see such a place as a great frontier from which to launch an assault on the command?

d) Every person whose perception of adequate security falls on the backdrop of “alertness” would agree that this construction in question, compromises the entire security of the State and not just the command.

We, therefore, call on all well-meaning Deltans to prevail on the Command authority, Government and the establishment in charge of such town plans to desist from further pursuit of that construction as it does not in any way promote the security of the entire area and adds zero advantage to risk management in whatever form. Such an investment would eventually prove to be counterproductive.

Finally, we use this medium to call on Governor Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa to use his good office to halt the project and allay the Apex Association of Anioma Indigenes Inc’s fears (AAAI) and the Anioma Nation, not forgetting Our Delta State, over such risk.

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AAAI promotes good governance and citizenship and demands that civil servants, Political office holders; account for their stewardship either while in office or after. We believe that good governance will be achieved when government officials are interrogated professionally.

Apr. Nwanze A. Patrick the President General of the association advocates for security consciousness and pleads with Anioma citizens to be law-abiding, which will give the government a conducive atmosphere to do their best in protecting life and properties and improve their infrastructural provisions.

Furthermore, he challenged the youths to direct their intellectual capacity toward meaningful production that will impact positively on the land of Anioma.

He remained the youths to know the police will always protect them as long as they are law-abiding. Parents, the clerics should know that it is their responsibility to guard the upcoming generation, teaching and demonstrating good values with civic responsibility.

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