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Ataga: Court Hears Phone Conversation Between Chidinma, Security Guard

On Tuesday, a Lagos High Court heard a phone call between Chidinma Ojukwu and Abubakar Mohammed, a security guard at the residence where Mr. Usifo Ataga, the CEO of Super TV, is claimed to have been murdered.

Ojukwu is on trial for Ataga’s murder in front of the Lagos High Court, which is situated in Tafawa Balewa Square.

Along with Chioma Egbuchu, her sister, and Adedapo Quadri, she is accused of stealing and forging documents.

Ojukwu and Mohammed both said hello on the audio tape, which the court was able to hear.

Muhammad likewise inquired, “Who is this?” Ojukwu, the first accused party, said, “It is me,” and then asked about Ataga’s automobile from the security officer. Is the car nearby? she inquired.

Whose car? Mohammed said, “The Range Rover, that my oga’s vehicle, the black Range Rover,” to which Ojukwu replied.

The court also learned that she departed and said she had a meeting when Mohammed questioned her about why she hadn’t come home since Tuesday night.

Mohammed then inquired about Ataga, and she said that he was doing well.

The court also overheard Mohammed telling Ojukwu that he could not go and knock on her door since she was not present.

She was further questioned about her expected return. She then declared, “I’m coming.”

Mohammed requested her to use her phone number to contact her while she was expressing her intention to arrive.

Prior to that, Mrs. Adenike Oluwafemi, the deputy director of public prosecutions for the state of Lagos, requested confirmation from DSP Olusegun Bamidele, the ninth witness for the prosecution, regarding his testimony from May 9 when he described the security guard’s conversation with Ojukwu to the court.

Mohammed copied the audio chat on his Infinix Hot 4, according to Bamidele, who corroborated the evidence and recalled his testimony. According to him, his workplace desktop was where the audio was located.

He testified before the court that it was converted into a Compact Disc with the assistance of a senior coworker who had an extensive understanding of information and communication technologies.

According to the witness, he would be able to recognize the disc.

He recognized the disc when it was presented to him and informed the court that he had also attached a certificate of conformity to it.

The CD was offered as evidence by the prosecution, but the first defendant’s attorney, Mr. Onwuka Egwu, objected on the grounds that Bamidele (PW9) was not the disc’s creator. Mohammed (PW2) is said to be the CD’s creator, he stated.
He claimed that since the author had testified as PW2, there was no compelling reason for the prosecution to want the court to accept a “hearsay document.”

Egwu stated, “The prosecution has not provided any of these foundations for presenting of the document through Segun Bamidele,” citing Section 83 1 (a) (ii), 2011 of the Evidence Act.

The due procedure must be followed, he added. The creator of this paper is expected to come before your lordship since this is a court of law and they did not build the foundation. This is only a rumor.

Oluwafemi responded, saying, “It is common law that whatever evidence acquired during the inquiry by the police officer was direct evidence and not hearsay. Finally, relevance is what determines admission.

Justice Yetunde Adesanya dismissed the defense’s argument in a brief decision.

According to Adesanya, PW2 testified that he asked Ojukwu several questions on June 16, 2021, and she responded.

“There is no necessity for the presentation of the device, and the producer of the audio recording has already been brought to this court, the objection is

Both the audio CD and the certificate of conformity were labeled as Exhibits PW22A and PW23B, respectively.

Adesanya postponed the trial till October 6 in order to continue the case.

The Lagos State Government filed a nine-count complaint against the three defendants, which led to their arraignment on October 12, 2021.

Ojukwu and Quadri are accused of committing crimes such as conspiring to commit murder, stabbing someone to death, forging documents like bank statements, and stealing.

A ninth count of theft of an Ataga iPhone 7 is being brought against the third defendant, Egbuchu.

Ojukwu and Quadri are accused of planning and killing Ataga on June 15, 2021, by repeatedly stabbing him in the neck and chest.

In Lekki Phase 1 of Lagos, at 19, Adewale Oshin Street is where the alleged murder occurred.

The two are also charged with forgery for allegedly obtaining and fabricating bank account statements that were purportedly created by the dead.

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