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Biafra: Ex-Nigerian athlete Ekpa to return country’s medals

Simon Ekpa, a former Nigerian athlete and current leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has promised to return the medals and awards he won at the 2003 African Junior Athletics Championships to Nigeria.

Ekpa, a prominent figure in the Biafra struggle, has stated that he is no longer interested in anything related to Nigeria, claiming that while representing the Nigerian Immigration, he won all national paramilitary and military games.

On Sunday, Ekpa condemned some of his critics in a post on his official Facebook page, saying he had been a champion for a long time.

“I may be showcasing some of the national medals from the demonic Nigeria that I will be returning to them soon in this evening live broadcast,” the post reads.

“Those medals, including the one I won as a NATIONAL CHAMPION, will be returned to me.

“All of your national medals and awards will be returned to you.”

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