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Breaking: Unknown gunmen kill two trash dealers in Imo during attack

The so-called “Unknown Gunmen” responsible for the senseless deaths in the South-East region assaulted a neighborhood of junk collectors in Imo State’s Ngor Okpala Local Government Area (LGA).
According to reports, two people were killed in the incident on Thursday afternoon.

Two victims were allegedly shot and killed by masked gunmen in cold blood. The young lads worked as local scrap metal scavengers amid poverty. The murders took place in Ngor Okpala today (Thursday).

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“These senseless murders must end.”

Another person reported: “A Toyota sedan drove down to a location where some young guys buy and sell scrap, beside Ngor High School, and started shooting at individuals this afternoon (Thursday).

While others were being brought to the hospital, two persons passed away.
The latest incident of violence in the area, where separatist violence is on the rise, occurred on Thursday in Imo.

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This publication tried unsuccessfully to contact Michael Abattam, the state police spokesman, to comment on the Ngor Okpala crime.

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