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Buhari known for blame games, gives lopsided appointments – Bala Mohammed

Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi has said that Southern Governors are right on their claim that the Buhari-led administration gives lopsided appointments.

The Governor who made this known during an interview with journalists said there will always be a problem if only one section of the country is given positions in government.

“If there is nepotism where only one section is given positions in government, then there will be problems.

“There is actually a lot of truth in what the southern governors said on some sections being highly favoured at the detriment of others.

“There should always be a balance in terms of appointment of federal offices, even in the local governments.

“If we don’t start to practise fairness at the top, then we won’t get it at the lower table and unless there is fair leadership of the country we cannot grow the economy.”

“I think the Buhari-led administration has lost the idea on how to grow the economy. What they are best known for is the blame game. They are the corrupt ones yet they claim to be fighting corruption,” he said.

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