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Burna Boy, singer, lays curses on haters

Burna Boy, a well-known artist and song producer from Nigeria, cursed his detractors in what appeared to be a New Year’s message.

Speaking candidly during a recent performance in Lagos, the singer addressed rumors that his mother had performed for the late Afrobeat musician Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. He also mentioned how he continues to perform in the nation in spite of the numerous accusations leveled against him.

In a social media video that went viral, the musician, who appeared saddened by the rumors, cursed his detractors, warning them that God would punish them for their unloving behavior.

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You all claimed that I killed someone in Cuba, so I’m here with you all. Your comment caused my mother to dance for Fella. Not at all. I’m still here because I still adore you. God will punish you if you don’t love me.

National TV talks like f*ck. You all are still laughing while not understanding what is seriously happening. They can take my life away for being full of crap.

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