Can A Marriage Survive Without Emotional Intimacy?

Can A Marriage Survive Without Emotional Intimacy?

I don’t want to know a lot of the answers to the following questions: How much time can I let my automobile go before changing the oil? What if I wore a crop top when I left the house? Would anyone notice?

Can a marriage endure without intimacy, you might question. I would confess to you that I wouldn’t want to learn. However, I would follow up by querying, “Is that what you mean?”

Since there is a significant difference between thriving and merely surviving. Although I could get by in public while sporting a crop top, I most definitely wouldn’t flourish in one (at least how I picture myself thriving).

When someone uses the word intimacy, they may imply one thing or another. Some people speak of emotional closeness, the warm, sentimental bond you share with your partner.

Others interpret closeness as sex.

Both would be accurate. If you do some study, you’ll discover that emotional connection and sexual connection are inseparably intertwined and that they are two sides of the same coin. One’s quality affects another’s quality in a positive feedback loop.

What I mean is that Jack feels his marriage to Jill lacks physical closeness; they have far less regular and routine sex. Despite not being very upset by this, Jill feels that there is a lack of emotional connection between them because they don’t really talk to one other or connect on a deep level. Jack is only hoping that tonight will be the night; he is unaware of much about it.

The truth is that neither emotional or physical closeness just happens, something Jack and Jill would want to know. Both need focused effort, which is required.

 Can A Marriage Survive Without Emotional Intimacy
Can A Marriage Survive Without Emotional Intimacy

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.And their sexual life may improve when Jack and Jill take the time to bond emotionally. On the other hand, putting more work into their sexual relationship may easily heighten and strengthen the intensity of their emotional bond.

I like to compare it to riding a bicycle: increasing closeness in your marriage is like doing so.

Physical intimacy is the pedal on which emotional intimacy is placed, and vice versa.

One pedal is moved, causing the other to turn and become ready for motion. It’s important to practice (see what I did there? and shortly you get speed and momentum.

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Additionally, I am aware of two facts regarding bicycle pedaling: it requires effort, yet as you gain speed, it gets easier to pump the pedals.

The same holds true for your marriage’s level of sexual and emotional connection.

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