Celebrity status just a title, can’t replace hard work – Leo DaSilva


A former Big Brother Naija contestant, Leo DaSilva, has said that being a celebrity is not enough to succeed, as one has to put in work to become a reputable brand worth investing in.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, he stated that he saw no reason celebrities should lead fake lives. He said, “Honestly, I care less about the decisions adults make with their lives. I just focus on my business. I want to make sure I find ways to make my investors happy, after a woeful business year in 2020. The reality of life is that being a celebrity is just a title, one has to become a brand worth investing in. And if people refuse to invest in one, one has to invest in oneself and prove them wrong.

“I feel it is ridiculous for any celebrity to live a fake life. Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world, so understanding that reality helps to shape discipline and focus.”

Reacting to the trend of fans tattooing the names and images of celebs on their bodies, DaSilva said, “I would not encourage any fan to tattoo my image on their body. Sometimes, we (celebrities) forget the influence we have on people. I would prefer to have a special WhatsApp number to interact with my fans, rather than having them draw tattoos. A lot of them (fans) just need encouragement most times. I won’t take advantage of their love (for me) to cajole them into doing that.

“On another note, adults have the right to make whatever decisions they feel is right by them. But, I would never ask anyone to do it.”

Revealing the most touching thing his fans had ever done for him, he said, “On my 27th birthday, my fans threw me a surprise birthday party and showered me with gifts. They also support all my businesses. I don’t know if Davido is a fan but he reached out to me through Peruzzi when my mum died in 2018. That was really awesome of him and it’s part of the reasons I like him.”

DaSilva, who stated that he was not single and hoped to get married soon, noted that he would expect his spouse to always support him. He added, “I do not have parents, so I expect my partner to always have my back 100 per cent, no matter what.”

Speaking on his current projects, the reality TV star said, “At the moment, I am trying to facilitate investment in an energy company in the United Kingdom. The world is moving towards clean energy and I do not want to be left behind.

“I wish I had $15m dollars right now to execute some real estate projects in England that I have been structuring for over a year.”



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