Core And Important Roles Of Teachers In Education.

Core and important roles of teachers in education.

Once a student is admitted to school, the role of a teacher begins which is to shape the child’s life and inculcate morals and values in the child’s life.

Teachers play a very crucial and important role to shape a child’s life to help the child succeed career-wise, in academics, and also in society at large.

The teacher is an assistant parent, the teacher is a role model, a counselor, an educator, a motivator to the child. The role of a teacher is not overlooked as it’s the strength of society. In this article, the role of a child will be reemphasized. These roles are:

Core And Important Roles Of Teachers In Education.

1) Counselling the students:

Counseling the students is a great role of a teacher. Counseling the students involves career counseling, relationship counseling, in fact, counseling that cut across all aspects of life. A teacher is meant to monitor a student and correct that is still a form of counseling. Counseling the students could also be done through the help of their parents and close relatives.

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2) Teaching/ sharing knowledge to the students:

This is the core role of every teacher, it can never be overlooked. This duty gives birth to every other duty and without that they can not be called teachers. A teacher is meant to give knowledge and important information to the students according to their curriculum and syllabus. A teacher impacts knowledge it could be through classroom learning or online learning ( e learning).

3) Motivate and encourage the students:

Students are fragile being that are inexperienced in life. The role of the teacher is to encourage the students through every hard phase of life. You should always tell them that ” without pain there is no gain” and it’s expected of them to put in hardwork and efforts to achieve every goal. Tell them that without consistency one may not get to the peak of every task and succeed in it.

Core and important roles of teachers in education.

Therefore they are expected to make consistency their way of life. Also in child psychology, motivation should not be overlooked. As it is the only positive energy every student needs. The teacher should constantly motivate the students with everything in class. It could through gift prizes like pen and books, it could through a clap, it could through making him/ her a class prefect. Always know that every student is watching and would love to be treated same way.

4) An external parent:

Outside the biological parents of a child, the child spends about 80 percent of their time in a day with the teachers in class. Now the teacher is expected to play a parent role, by watching the child. Also, the teaching of core moral values and etiquettes by the teacher is a way of parenting. However, teachers are expected to keep working in other to bring out the best in every child.


5) Role modeling:

Teachers do not only teach students, their build character and life. And also with the amount of time a student spends with a teacher is enough to have a positive impact or negative impact on the students. However, a teacher who makes a positive impact always would be seen as a role model and students would want to copy his / her way of life and this inturn will affect the child’s life and his impact to the society at large. Teachers are expected to only put out positive attitudes and lifestyles as the tender ones are watching.

Core and important roles of teachers in education.

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