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Corn sellers cause insecurity in Abuja – Wike claims

The Federal Capital Territory Minister, Nyesom Wike, has outlawed street vending in Abuja, claiming that street vendors, including those selling maize, are a major cause of crime and unrest in the city.

The announcement was made by the former governor of Rivers State during a meeting with the management staff of the Federal Capital Territory Administration and Federal Capital Development Authority, who were encouraged to put doing what is right first.

“Making sure Abuja is back to how it should be is the most important thing we must do. As I moved around Abuja, I discovered that the majority of the city is in complete darkness.

What we need to do, he continued, is make sure that light returns as quickly as possible.

The immediate cleaning of Abuja was ordered by Wike, who also said, “If you are in charge of sanitation, I will call you at any time of the day.”

He issued a warning that he would not think twice about expelling any official who did not adhere to his standards of cleanliness. Additionally, he said that motor parks would not be permitted to operate in unapproved areas.

Street trading is not permitted, he added. Insecurity is brought on by things like maize vendors who carelessly drop their trash. Criminals visit to purchase goods and take advantage of the opportunity to spy and provide information to criminals. We must remove the street vendors immediately.

“Development control is a major crisis that needs to be stopped. Why are shanties and illegal buildings so prevalent? Any illegal structures will be destroyed. No matter how highly positioned, the structure will collapse, he emphasised.

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