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Count Us Out Of Any Plot To Disrupt 2023 General Elections – IPOB

On Monday, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) denied having any plans to sabotage the general elections of 2023.

Additionally, it said that it was neither involved in the exercise or had any connection to the torching of INEC-owned buildings.

This was said by IPOB in a statement sent to news reporters in the state capital of Awka, Anambra, by its media and publicity secretary, Comrade Emma Powerful.

The organization expressly distanced its members from attacks on the Imo State offices of the Independent National Electoral Commission, or INEC.

The pro-Biafra movement told security agencies to stop linking it with the senseless attacks on INEC facilities.
IPOB promised hard times for anybody engaging in the destruction of INEC facilities and pretending to be doing so on behalf of the pro-Biafra movement.

“ESN operatives never attacked the INEC office because we are not interested in this Nigeria’s forthcoming election in 2023. Anyone or group blaming IPOB or ESN for any attack on INEC facilities is under the influence of some powerful drugs.”

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Nobody should associate ourselves with those who are damaging electoral materials because “IPOB will not spare anybody using our name to disrupt the election.”

Security organizations were accused by IPOB of hiding information regarding the real perpetrators of the attacks on INEC premises.

IPOB questioned why, if the alleged assailants were indeed IPOB members, the security authorities had not detained them.

“Both government organizations and those responsible for the attacks on INEC infrastructure are extorting IPOB.

The reason why the same security authorities have never detained any of the alleged assailants is because of this

“Our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has often said that he has not requested that anyone carry out an attack on his behalf. No one should thus associate us with the assault on the INEC offices.

“The IPOB is an orderly and dignified movement for Biafra independence. We are neither thugs involved in their election, nor are we criminals.

Politicians, according to IPOB, have enlisted the help of criminals and thugs “to assault electoral materials and blame it on IPOB and ESN.”

However, the statement said that no amount of sponsored blackmail against IPOB would put an end to the movement for the restoration of Biafra; rather, it would fuel the movement.

The desperate attempt to associate IPOB with attacks on INEC, according to the statement, is a part of the larger scheme by those opposed to the restoration of Biafra to halt the project.

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“Neither IPOB nor ESN operatives have anything to do with Nigeria’s fake elections in 2023,” said the statement made accessible to newsmen.

“As a movement, we have never endorsed or participated in any electoral violence or obstruction. If necessary, the only thing we can do is urge our citizens to abstain from casting ballots. But as of right now, IPOB has never requested anyone to launch an attack on our behalf and has no interest in Nigeria or its election processes.

The Nigerian government and its police have demonstrated its misled, dishonesty, and ignorance of IPOB’s operating principles by linking IPOB and ESN to the attacks on INEC offices.

The IPOB self-determination movement is being threatened by the Nigerian government and its security forces all the time. Attackers on government buildings rush to the media to blame IPOB and ESN without doing any more research.

The countless attacks and arson fires that the Nigerian Police have attributed to IPOB have never been the subject of any public investigation.

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