COVID-19: Education transformed through remote learning tool has been customized for the Nigerian curriculum


The question about the best way best to take care of the real consequences of this COVID-19 outbreak on Nigeria’s education system is a million-dollar and quite a difficult one to reply on account of the severe damages which were done to the education system in any way levels.

The present curriculum might not be enough to fix the huge damages which have already been completed into the machine.

There’s a demand for the authorities to design a plan and framework to encourage our program once the world finally ends the COVID-19 pandemic stage.

Education festivals might be an important instrument for encouraging Nigeria’s education program. A case of such a festival would be that the Oyo State Model Education System initiatives popularly referred to as the Oyomesi festival of studying conceptualized and executed during the government of former Governor Abiola Ajimobi.

Former Special Adviser to Ajimobi on Education issues, Dr. Bisi Akin-Alabi, a renowned and world-class instructor, technocrat, administrator and education adviser had uttered the notion which was her mind child.

Dr. Bisi Akin-Alabi, a graduate of the University of Lagos and a Master of Business Administration degree holder in the South Bank University Business School London, throughout her tenure as the Special Adviser to the erstwhile Governor of Oyo State on Education, Science and Technology recognized the schooling system of Oyo State was sterile, the program Wasn’t enough to encourage the pupil’s educational prerequisites and there was urgent need to decode the machine.

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She also developed the Oyomesi festival of learning to encourage learning and teaching. The festival was exceptionally successful and repositioned the schooling system of the South Western state.

This kind of intervention might be helpful in repositioning the instructional system from the post-COVID-19 age if employed across several nations in Nigeria.

Regardless of the idea implementor, Dr. Bisi Akin-Alabi who’s taught science and mathematics at a mainstream college in the United Kingdom for more than 20 decades, is the creator of SchoolRun, an education and training consultancy company that mostly focused on attaining excellence via instruction and development of quality chances for the country’s tool.

Nigeria sure needs these special thoughts like the schooling festivals to reposition the schooling sector and reunite the missing glory.

As an increasing number of children of school age are falling from schools around Nigeria, there’s the need to detain the tendency since the country might find it hard to deal with a largely illiterate people in the future combined with how an idle hand would be that the devil’s workshop.

Therefore, the idea of schooling festival if well executed might just be the magical wand required to reunite many to college and keep them for suitable education.



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