Does your child need vaccines before international travel?

Traveling with kids exposes us to new family travel adventures, but it can also expose our immune systems to unfamiliar diseases, ones not covered by routine vaccinations in our home countries.

For this reason, travel vaccines are a vital part of preparation for international travel to certain countries or regions of the world.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, close to 2.4 million children from the United States travel internationally every year. And when it comes to illness, kids face similar risks as adults – but depending on their age, kids may not have completed their routine vaccine schedule. When you consider vaccines for international travel, different recommendations sometimes apply to children.

What to know about travel vaccinations

Pre-travel immunizations at a travel clinic can protect you and your children while you’re abroad, keeping everyone safe and happy as you explore the world. Here’s everything you should know about required vaccinations for travel, including travel vaccinations for babies, older kids, and everyone else in your family.

When should travel vaccinations be assessed?

Once you’ve booked your travel, it’s a good idea to start assessing which vaccines you and your children should receive.

You should schedule an appointment at your doctor’s office or at a travel vaccine clinic at least four to six weeks before you leave.

The ideal time to receive required vaccinations for travel is usually at least a month before departure. That allows your body time to build immunity before your trip.

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