Drama as new LG Chairman resumes under trees in Rivers


On Tuesday, there was a mild drama in Rivers when, in the first day of office of the Council, Dr. Chidi Lloyd, a newly-opened Chairman of the Emohua Local Government, resumed under a tree.

Lloyd was former Chief of All Progressive Congress, APC, General Director for APC Campaign Committee Buhari/Osinbajo in 2019 before defecting to the PDP, a platform on which he won the latest local elections.

He was also a former chairman of the Rivers Parliament.

Our correspondent at the Council headquarters found that Lloyd chose the open space after complaining that his immediate predecessor’s office was too filthy and unkept, Tom Aliezi said.
Lloyd also spoke and his deputy on Monday spoke to the council staff under the tree.

Many observers speculate that the action of the new President may attract attention through publicity stints.

When the new Chairman appeared on the Internet, the image caused a ring of social media.

Many said however that the action of the Chairman had been aimed at depicting Tom Aliezi’s immediate past administration, which lacked a health tag.

The Chidi Lloyd was also deemed “shameful and regrettable” by the Council Headquarters’ sanitary condition.

Lloyd who is a Ph.D. holder in Law was a former Lecturer in the Faculty of Law, the University of Nsukka who has vowed to tackle insecurity and illegal oil bunkering in his Local government area of the State.



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