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DSS has implicated Nigerian judiciary through Interim Govt – Kenneth Okonkwo

Kenneth Okonkwo, a spokesman for the Labour Party (LP) presidential campaign council, claims that the Nigerian judiciary has been made fun of by the Department of State Services (DSS) for its recent warning that some people are attempting to stifle Nigeria’s democracy.
In a statement posted on his Twitter account on Thursday, Okonkwo claimed that the DSS alarm was a charge against the country’s judiciary, alleging that some politicians want to use it to issue pointless injunctions.

The leader of the Labour Party argued that the DSS must go further in exposing those who may be guilty within the system because it has called into question the integrity of the judicial system.

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The Nigerian judiciary is mocked by the @OfficialDSSNG, he wrote. claims that interim government planners intend to use them to stifle democracy by forcing them to issue pointless injunctions. Hmmm!! So, Nigerian courts are now well-known for issuing injunctions? DSS should expose them in more detail.


His submission follows the DSS’s Wednesday announcement that it had discovered a number of important players in a plot to thwart the May 29 transfer of power to a new administration and compel an interim administration in Nigeria.

In a statement made by its spokesperson, Peter Afunanya, the DSS claimed that the plot by the identified individuals was to disregard the constitution, undermine civil rule, support large-scale protests, and cause an avoidable crisis in order to pave the way for the anticipated interim government.
The declaration further stated that those involved in the plot intended to obtain baseless court injunctions to prevent the inauguration of new executive and legislative branches at the Federal and State levels on May 29.

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