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DTHA 2023: Omelora’s declaration will spell doom for all his rivals

If humans are truly fair to what comes from their mouths about Omelora’s humanitarian gesture, the hope of those trying to fake reality to get support in fulfilling their political aspirations is definitely sealed up ahead of the 2023 elections.

On the other hand, if winning elections is based on a passion to curb hunger, thirst, and practical demonstration of love for development, love for others, and doing good with one’s hard-to-earn resources, Sir (Dr) Chuks Okonji (Omelora) simply has no rival within and outside as his humanitarian lifestyle spells doom for all his rivals’ desperation.

Perhaps, a man’s hunger and thirst for making a difference or adding value to the lives of people is not largely measured on the basis of his privileges and access to power, control, possession, or linkage to governmental finance base, but his actions with the little he has.

The latter is typical of Sir (Dr) Chuks Okonji (Omelora) being a fanatic of the dictum, “it pays to be good”. Before stepping into the Oshimili North constituency 2023 House of Assembly contestation upon plea by the people, a careful analysis of his lifestyle.

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Evidently shows that doing good and being good are natural qualities that have kept him in constant check in his interrelationship which internally propels him to ensure that smiles are put on the faces and hearts of those around as well as those who come in contact with him. This no doubt, earned him the respect and love of the people as a man after their hearts.

Besides his push by the people to join the 2023 Oshimili North constituency House of Assembly contest under the platform of the Allied Peoples Movement (APM), the name Sir (Dr) Chuks Okonji (Omelora) rings a bell in the light of well-doing, hence, to very many, “Omelora” is synonymous with kindness, humility and good doing.

To others, he is a symbol of love, affection, and kindness. From the growing mass support, he enjoys from the day of his call by his people, his acceptance and up till now, it’s a conviction that no man forces himself to be loved or wins his way into the hearts of men.

Following his unconditional free-handedness, cheerful giving, care, and concern for development dating to his days of little beginning until now, widows, the aged, and Christians across the constituency have in addition, nourished his House of Assembly quest with praise and prayers to succeed and to expand his scope of love through effective and purposeful representation.

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Omelora’s capacity is outstanding and he is someone any society can proudly send forward to act for it. “Not all heads can carry a load and deliver it well to the end but we know that Sir (Dr) Chuks Okonji has a good head and can carry the load and deliver it perfectly as House of Assembly representative of our beloved local Government Area.”

The good people of Oshimili North have no interest in any political party but individuals irrespective of political affiliations.”
Sir (Dr) Chuks Okonji has all it takes to represent Oshimili North to greater heights and is the best choice of representative for the constituency at a time like this.” Omelora to Asaba” Carry go Broda … Nke bu nkenyi…

By: Barr. Andy Okechukwu

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