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Ebonyi: Ministry of Environment is conducting a house-to-house inspection

To improve cleanliness in Ebonyi State, Southeast Nigeria, the state’s Ministry of Environment has begun house-to-house inspections and has stepped up the waste evacuation network on every street.

Dr Richard Nnabu, the State Commissioner for the Ministry of Environment, Grants and Donor Agency, told journalists in Abakaliki, the State Capital, about it.

Dr. Nnabu stated that the Ministry’s efforts have aided in the reduction of environmental diseases in the state.

Nnabu issued a warning to those who break environmental laws.

“The ministry has sealed some compounds that have broken environmental laws during house to house inspections. They’ve been charged in court, and the judge has given them a sentence that they must follow in order to serve as a deterrent to others.”

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“If we want to live a healthy life, we must keep our environment clean,” Nnabu added.

Planting of trees
According to the Commissioner, the ministry is also planting trees across the state to improve public health and prevent ozone layer depletion.

He urged the general public to protect the environment because it is the only way to maintain good health.

Ibrahim Lateefah

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