Twitter ban: SERAP drag Buhari to ECOWAS court

President Buhari

Nigerians, Civil society companies, SERAP, and 176 affected Nigerians have filed a claim at the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice in Abuja against the federal government for the suspension of Twitter’s microblogging stage.

SERAP further submitted that Twitter‘s “suspension” was designed to intimidate and prevent Nigerians from using Twitter and other social networking platforms to evaluate government policies, expose bribery, and denounce official impunity acts by Federal Government officials.”

In the case, SERAP and the concerned Nigerians were requesting, ‘The interim order limiting the Federal government against carrying out its Nigerian Twitter suspension and subjecting anyone to harassment, bullying.

The arrest and criminal prosecution, including the media homes, Twitter broadcasting stations in Nigeria, pending hearing and decision in the case in question.’

The applicants also argued that “if this application is not permitted as a matter of urgency, the federal government will continue to arbitrarily suspend Twitter and threaten to impose criminal and other sanctions against Nigerians, telecommunications providers.

And media companies, broadcasters, and people using Nigeria’s Twitter services, the endless order sought in this lawsuit could be made nugging.”

President Muhammadu Buhari has stopped Twitter operations on the grounds that “the site has been used persistently for actions that might sabotage Nigeria’s unity”



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