#EndSARS Protest: Southwest governors, Monarchs unveil 13-point resolution


#EndSARS Protest: Southwest governors, Monarchs unveil 13-point resolutionSouthwest govs

Southwest governors, Monarchs, and stakeholders, after a closed-door meeting, have rolled out a 13-point resolution plan directed towards re-building Southwest in the aftermath of the EndSARS protest.

At the end of the closed-door session, released a 13-item communiqué that endorsed the call by traditional rulers for regular consultations with state governors and federal authorities on challenges facing the states and for appropriate recognition of their role in the Constitution.

It further resolved that the security architecture of the country requires adjustment to adequately address the threats and realities of insecurity in the country, calling for more police presence in communities in South-West states.

Other resolutions include “the need to undertake preventive actions aimed at prevention of repeat of what happened in the country following the #EndSARS demonstrations.

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Security needs to be strengthened in all states. “We wish to encourage the Nigerian Police by responding to their needs and appeal to them to do more to protect lives and properties and enhance security all over the country.

“We call for specific measures and proposals to repair the damage done to the physical infrastructure and economic assets of the South-West.

They called for a review of reports of constitutional conferences, including the 2014 National Conference, and implement some of the recommendations, especially with reference to security, economy, equal treatment for citizens all over the country.

“We believe that the prolonged closure of the border has caused economic difficulties and should be re-examined to alleviate problems of the people in the border communities and prices of some essential commodities.

There is a need to review the closure and permit the resumption of economic and trading activities.

“A comprehensive programme that addresses youth employment and empowerment should be prioritized. Closer coordination and complementarity between the states and the Federal Government.

In this regard, the curricular of tertiary institutions should be reviewed, with emphasis placed on skills acquisition and entrepreneurship.

“We recognize the damaging and negative impact of fake/false news and worry about its destructive and dangerous potency of fake news. We call on the federal government to use the instrumentality of existing laws and those regulations bench-marked from other countries to provide safeguards against the spread of fake news. 2015 Cyber Act will also be fully used.

“Federal Government should ensure that technology is used effectively for the advancement of the Nigerian Security and not its destruction by working with the technology cum social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The regime of checks and gatekeeping should be fully employed.

The resolution further urged that every effort be made to resolve the impasse between ASUU and the federal government so students can return to school in earnest.




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