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Five police officers apprehended for extorting money from student

The RCC, Old Ogbomoso Road, Oyo State, student Ibrahim was extorted, according to the Oyo State Police Command, which has confirmed the arrest of five policemen in connection with the incident.

When our correspondent received confirmation of the news on Wednesday from the state police public relations officer, Adewale Osifeso, he noted that an investigation was still underway.

“We have arrested and detained five policemen, and we are waiting for Ibrahim to come and identify the policemen who allegedly did what he claims they did to him out of those detained, and for him to also help us initiate the prosecution procedure against those guys through an orderly room trial,” he said.

“We located the operator and the endpoint of the account where the money was lodged, and we have recovered the money that was taken from him. That all took place today.

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The student was reportedly being pursued by the accused policemen while he was traveling to Lagos.

According to the student, the police stopped the car he was riding in, ordered him out, and then let the other passengers get on with their trip.

Ibrahim claimed that after getting off the ship, police took him to a bush and demanded N90,000 from him in a post that activist Rinu Oduala shared on Twitter.

The student claimed in the post that the money was from his tuition fees and that he had given it to the policemen through a point-of-sale operator.

He further claimed that numerous attempts to reach the command’s spokesperson, Osifeso, and the commissioner of police, Adebowale Williams, were unsuccessful.

“People help me, I was extorted illegally yesterday on my way coming to Lagos,” the post read. “I was calling the police pro and commissioner, but they all picked up and kept saying wrong number. However, when I called a former pro, he said it was their number and that’s how they operate.

“Please ma, help me. This is a sum of 90k out of 93k that was found in my account. So that I can explain how it happened, I sincerely hope you see this. was dragged into a grove of trees and abused. Help me out, please. I hope you see this.

“The most painful part is that even though I told them that this money was for my tuition, they took N90,000 out of the N93,000 that was in my accounts. A popular Amala joint in Oyo is where I will meet them after being driven to the bush, so the other passenger should wait for me there while they take me to the office.

“As we traveled, they pointed out various routes and kept urging me to call friends or family to send me money while I was in their car. They immediately grabbed my phone and told me to open my bank (app) after I said “no one,” “it’s kind of hard this time.” I did as they instructed.

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“I was then taken to PoS, which I believe to be their PoS because they did not get a notification when I sent the money. When I informed him that there were no police present, he responded, “Haa, eyini,” and immediately gave me the money. To prove they have no mercy, I can send you the driver’s number. I was beseeching and sobbing in their car. Even so, they forced me to pay. 3000 was left for me.

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