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FRSC: Five People Killed, Three Injured in Auto Crash in Kogi

Mr. Stephen Dawulung, the Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps in Kogi, stated that a car accident that took place on Sunday in Kogi resulted in the deaths of at least five persons and injuries to yet another three individuals (FRSC).

According to Dawulung, the horrible vehicle accident took place at 12:47 p.m. at the Ogbagbo intersection located along the Ejule-Ochadamu highway. He described the incident as “very dreadful.” During the collision, a Nissan and a Mazda were involved.

Unfortunately, four of the eight persons who were engaged in the terrible tragedy passed away unexpectedly, while the other four had serious injuries.

Our staff members rushed the five injured persons to the Enemona Hospital in Ejule, which is located in the Ofu Local Government Area of Kogi. They got to the site swiftly in response to a distress call that was being broadcast. There, a fifth person passed dead despite obtaining medical attention at the scene.

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The mortuary at the Enemona Hospital in Ejule, which was also where the corpses of the five deceased passengers were taken, is still open.

According to what he had said, “our officers promptly cleansed the road of the obstacles generated by the event to enable for free flow of traffic.”

The Commander of the FRSC stated that the collision was brought about by both excessive speeding and a deficient road.

According to the sector commander, the driver of the Nissan vehicle lost control while attempting to avoid hitting a pothole, which led to the vehicle drifting off the roadway and colliding head-on with an oncoming Mazda 323.

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He pleaded with motorists to observe the prescribed speed limits in a stringent manner and to establish appropriate boundaries by reducing their pace in areas of heavy traffic and potentially hazardous stretches of roadway.

In addition to expressing his condolences to the families of those who were killed, Dawulung pleaded with the Federal Government to look into methods to repair the majority of the nation’s roadways, which, according to him, are riddled with potholes.

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