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Governance not limited to singing, dancing, group tells Osun PDP

The Osun Masterminds, a socio-politcal group in the state has called on the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state to thoroughly scrutinise whoever they want to present as the party’s candidate.

Speaking with journalists in Osogbo, the Osun state capital, the group executive director, Dr Wasiu Oyedokun-Alli, said governance, especially in a State like Osun, is beyond the theatrics of archaic politicking that is limited to singing and dancing. Governance in a State like ours should now be about a debate of ideas and the pitching of plans and programmes to the electorate.

“We also must note that the era of rice and beans politics should rightly be over and must not be re-entrenched. Candidates must be considered on the strength of their mental and leadership capacities, and not by the amounts of bags of rice that they have distributed. Leadership in the 21st century is now about wholesome sustainable development and not petty socialism.

“Leadership in the 21st century is about innovative ideas to problem solving. Heads of government at all levels are now required to think outside the box to deliver development to their people, despite the global hardships in recent times.

“Aspiring leaders must have certain minimum qualification that guarantees the soundness of their minds. While the Nigerian constitution does not demand very high academic qualification, the peculiar demands of leadership at this time demands that the people choose persons who have displayed such capacity as is required in situations of hardship.

“We therefore call on members of the various political parties in the State, to as a matter of importance, thoroughly scrutinize persons who are aspiring for the Governorship seat within their parties, to ensure that they are capable of delivering quality leadership. Ensuring that the candidates in all of the political parties are seasoned is the first step towards placing Osun on the path of honour in the comity of States.


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