Gov. Hope Uzodimma calls on the Church to pray and support the government in stemming insecurity


Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State has called on the Church to pray and associate with the government in stemming the wave of insecurity including violence, kidnapping, banditry, armed robbery, destruction of lives and properties in addition to the killing of safety employees and burning of the centers.

According to a statement issued by Oguwike Nwachuku, Chief Press Secretary and Media Adviser to the Governor, Uzodimma advised the Prelate and his group that the authorities couldn’t work independently.

“The only way the authorities can succeed is by going into partnership with the individuals and with notable organizations because the Church, bearing in mind that the morality and decent conduct we’re talking about come readily by the actions of the Church,” he said.

He hypothesized Imo State wanted serenity since Imo was famous for peace, stressing that unity and peace of this nation were unavoidable, since, “it’s only through empathy, justice, fairness and fair play along with the people with a sense of citizenship that we can beat our chest and response joyful Nigerians.”

Uzodimma stated that he was determined to play with politics and regretted the actions of the previous weeks that are products of poor or indecent politics, anchored on acrimony and violence.

He nevertheless thanked God who”most of these incriminated have voluntarily confessed and whenever the investigations have been concluded, the offenders will be made public and people supporting the incident of murdering innocent people, destroying public and private land has to be forced to manage the complete weight of the law.”

He thanked the Prelate for coming together with his entourage to sympathize with the nation on the violence seen on her assured him that his administration was on top of the subject.

“It won’t happen again,” he said that”any guy found on the road with an illegal arm must face the anger of the law”

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In his demonstration, the Prelate, Most Rev. Uche, appealed to Imo individuals to, no matter political parties, “sheathe their swords and come together and encourage the authorities in power.”

He noticed that”if individuals have grievances it can’t be settled by divisiveness, instead than conversation and roundtable discussions”

The Prelate, that felt awful about the dilemma of insecurity at the country, stated, “Imo happen to be Republican in character, functioning harmoniously, with been calm and adapting,” but believed”what caused the unlucky episodes of destruction, delusion and around disintegration of our nation by benignant, ferocious and agents of destruction”

He appealed to the Federal Government to quit sending an Army of destruction or authorities to the southeast “since we’re peace-loving”.

He explained that the pockets of agitations could be as a consequence of a couple of claims made to Ndi Igbo in the conclusion of the war ‘No Victor No Vanquished’, that he said maybe no reality.



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