Gumi blames lawmakers for insecurity

Renowned Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has insinuated that the country’s lawmakers are responsible for the increase in insecurity across the country.

Gumi made this remark in a statement on Wednesday, March 24, during his virtual presentation at a programme organised by the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies.

He said the senators and members of the House of Representatives have failed to listen to the plights of the populace who voted them into office, and as such lack credibility to address the security challenges ravaging the country.

According to the cleric, “No good representation in the legislation. The problems of insecurity cannot be tackled by the legislation. The lawmakers are not good representatives of the people.”

The yearnings of the populace must be attended to, which was the rationale behind his peace negotiations with bandits, Gumi posited.

“Do we have credible legislators in Nigeria? How did they get into their party? Until we begin to vote credible leaders into the legislative arm of the government, the problems of insecurity cannot be solved.

“Legislation cannot tackle insecurity. Listening to the grievances of the people at the grassroot level is very important which our legislators have neglected. And this is what I’m doing.

“We are talking about the legislation. What legislation are we talking about, when people are not called and listened to?”

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