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Gunmen kidnap Labour Party Senatorial Candidate in Ebonyi

After the kidnapping of Linus Okorie, the Labour Party senatorial candidate for the southern district, there is a palpable air of anxiety and dread throughout the state of Ebonyi.

Early Sunday morning, a former member of the House of Representatives was on his way to his house in Abakaliki when his car was ambushed by armed men who appeared to be members of the Ebubeagu Security group, which is funded by the state. The man was taken, hostage.

Even though the authorities have not yet responded to the event, there has been widespread condemnation of the attack from members of the public.

In a short video message that was uploaded to Facebook on Sunday, his wife, Lilian, begged the people who had kidnapped her husband to let him go free.

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However, according to a statement released by Dr. David Ogbonna, a spokesman for the politician’s campaign organization known as Caring Heart, the information that is currently available confirms that he was severely tortured until he was in danger of dying, stripped naked, and had pictures of him taken by his captors.

According to him, Okorie’s kidnappers intended to torture him to death and then dispose of his body in the Ebonyi River when they had finished killing him.

According to Ogbonna, the team leader of Okorie’s kidnappers now has custody of Okorie’s phones. This information was provided by Ogbonna.

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