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Hon. Chidoka, Tagged Road Master of the Moment

Hon. Chidoka, Tagged Road Master of the Moment

Having an influence on growth and public welfare, the transportation sector is a significant economic sector. Access to local communities is made possible by a strong transportation infrastructure, which in turn is a prerequisite for granting access to services such as jobs, social, health, and education.

For these reasons, it can be argued that road infrastructure is the most crucial of all public assets. Roads are an essential component of transportation infrastructure, which helps to promote economic growth and development. They also have significant social benefits while expanding access to areas and thereby stimulating the economy.

.One can only imagine the enormous resources Hon Chidoka has through his interventions, brought to bear on road rehabilitation and reconstruction in Idemili North and South. Road construction is the most expensive endeavor in infrastructural development, in addition to being the most important of all public assets.


The silent achiever has proven his mastery of effective representation and his superiority in the act of luring development to his constituency by completing road projects totaling approximately 36.5 kilometers in different communities of Idemili North and South over the course of three and a half years.

The Mike Ajeagbo Road in Obosi and the Ikokwu Road in Oba, both of which have since been finished, are among his road projects that are in various stages of completion, according to information that has been made available to the press.

Other projects include the Amafor Road in Nkpor, which is currently at a stage of 70% completion and is scheduled to be finished by September as soon as the rains stop. Another example is the All Saints Road in Obosi, which is already 90% finished and is expected to be finished by the end of August.

In addition, there are two other roads being built: Amesi Road in Ugwuagba, Obosi, which is also 70% complete and scheduled to be finished in September, and Nkolika Borehole Road in Obosi, where the first phase of the project.

Which involved expanding the road, moving utility poles, and building 1.6 km of drainage on both sides of the road, has been completed. The second stage, which involves paving the road, will start soon and be finished before the September.

To the dismay of all keen observers, Hon. Chidoka’s enviable track record in developing the road infrastructure in Idemili North and South continues to shatter all previous records while setting new ones. For a very long time to come, this record will serve as a benchmark for the viability of constituency project attraction and execution.

In order to continue providing his constituents with high-quality and effective representation at the Federal House of Representatives, Hon. Chidoka, who has demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt his capacity and commitment in his representation of Idemili North and South, deserves a No Contest for the constituency’s mandate.

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