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Hon Oghene Speaks Out on the state of roads in Festac and Satellite Towns, Lambasts APC

It is rather disheartening when I hear some people blame me for the sorry state of roads in Amuwo Odofin federal constituency, particularly in Festac Town and Satellite Town.

The truth is that I have done more than enough for our roads by moving several motions on the floor of the House of Representatives, bringing desired attention to the infrastructural decay in Festac Town and Satellite Town, and adjoining areas in the constituency.

This was contained in a statement, issued by his media aides which was made available to the press on the 25th of November, 2022.

Also, the statement went further to say that on different occasions, members of the House of Representatives accepted and forwarded these motions to the Minister of Works, Governor of Lagos State, Federal Housing Authority ( FHA), and other relevant authorities, urging them to fix roads in Festac Town and Satellite Town.

Despite all these efforts, the main reason why roads in Festac Town and Satellite Town continue to be in bad shape is essential because the government in power in the two LGAs, State and Federal levels have refused to repair them.

I don’t know the actual reasons why they refused to repair the roads, but all I know is that I’d always interfaced with them on the urgent need to repair these roads.

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But they keep pleading for lack of funds, even when I know that they have more than enough to carry out the repairs; the local government collects money from the federation account every month, and the state government collects money from the federation account every month.

Apart from that, the LGAs and State governments collect taxes and tenement rates from the people, businesses, and property owners in Amuwo Odofin federal constituency.

When you combine this with the monthly financial allocations from the federation account, there should be no reason for them to complain about the lack of funds to repair the roads and put in place basic infrastructures and amenities in the constituency.

One thing quite clear is that it’s the statutory duty and responsibility of the executive arm of the government, which the LGAs and State governments represent, to carry out infrastructural development, particularly on roads and drainages.

In addition, the chairmen of the LGA and LCDA that make up my constituency are all members of APC, also the State governor is in APC, and the Minister of Works and former governor of Lagos State is a prominent member of the APC.

Likewise, the Managing Director of the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) and councilors of the local governments are all members of APC. These are about 8-tiers of government who receive federal allocations but have failed to repair these roads.

In my opinion, the roads in Festac Town and Satellite Town, as well as in other parts of the constituency are today in a terrible state of despair because the APC-led government has failed, and refused to rehabilitate them.

And so long as they remain in government with this attitude, it then means that all the roads in Festac Town, Satellite Town, and other areas, will continue to be in bad shape.

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The Truth :

The truth is that I am a federal lawmaker whose responsibilities, include initiating quality Bills and making good laws, initiating motions, and carrying out oversight functions amongst others, all for the benefit of my constituents and the entire Nigerians.

I am a member of the legislative arm of the government at the federal level. I’m certainly not a member of the executive arm of the government. Therefore, I have no access to the executive funds, and cannot award contracts.

Don’t forget that before I was elected into the House of Representatives, for Sixteen (16) years the APC (AD, AC, ACN) had three (3) persons who represented this constituency at the national assembly at different times.

But if you take a dispassionate study around the entire Amuwo Odofin federal constituency, there is not even a single project that can be traced to any one of them throughout the Sixteen (16) years they spent in the office. Certainly, not at all. But, as for me, I have left legacies in less than Seven (7) years that I have been in this position.

Therefore, this fantom story being circulated by the APC that they are not responsible for the repairs of our roads is totally Incorrect, has a Fallacy, and has no Credibility.

They are merely abdicating from their statutory duties and responsibilities. Indeed, it is the responsibility of the executive arm of the government which APC represents both at the LGAs, State, and Federal levels.

All I can do, as a responsible legislator with massive support from the people, is to use my influence to pressurize the government to do the needful by repairing our roads.

Moreover, there is no doubt that the bad state of roads in Festac Town and Satellite Town, and other parts of the Constituency are giving me so much worry, but I will keep on engaging the Lagos State government, Amuwo Odofin LGA and Oriade LCDA, to be alive to their statutory duties.

Once again, be informed that it is the responsibility of the executive arm of the government that has the budgeted funds to construct or repair roads and provide infrastructural development.

If they are saying that it is my responsibility to fix bad roads in Festac Town and Satellite Town, you need to ask them how many roads in the constituency have been repaired by the two APC State House of Assembly members who are from the area. And, how many roads does the APC Senator also covers the area?

They are all APC lawmakers at the State and National assembly. Why are they not blaming them also?

Don’t allow anyone to mislead you! Therefore, my good people of Amuwo Odofin federal constituency, if you want to carry out a protest, it is now clear where you can go for it. You can go to the local government Secretariat,

State Government Secretariat, and so on. It is unfortunate that despite the fact that the 3-tiers of government: LGA, State, and Federal levels, are being controlled by the APC, yet they have refused to fix our roads.

Given the sad situation of our roads, and their refusal to fix it, the basic truth is that APC is a Failure!

They Do Not Deserve Our VOTES come the 2023 General Elections!!!

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