How To Become A Fitness Trainer

What does a female/male fitness trainer do?

As a fitness trainer, you lead individuals through sports and specific workouts, whether it’s for endurance, prevention, or rehabilitation. You know how to motivate people and how much you can expect from them as a fitness trainer.

What does a fitness trainer do on a daily basis?

Training is simply a small portion of your job as a fitness trainer; your main responsibility is to train others. That is why you must create training routines, spruce up the gym, or create online workouts. During training, you accompany your courses or individuals. Of course, you must demonstrate the exercises, but you must focus on clean execution and appropriate posture above everything else.

As a good role model, you are physically fit and like exercising. This will energize the audience and infect them with your enthusiasm. Of course, pedagogical abilities and empathy come in handy.

You can also work “normally” during the day as part of your training, such as when you provide rehabilitation classes or operate in clinics or hotels.

Getting ready to become a personal trainer

How can I become a personal trainer?

Fitness training is not a protected profession. As a result, the training duration and content vary depending on the training provider. The same may be said for the final exam, which usually has a theoretical and a practical component.

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What does fitness trainer training teach you?

Fitness training is not a protected profession. As a result, the training duration and content vary depending on the training provider. The same is true for the final exam.

There is usually a theoretical and a practical component.

A decent fitness trainer training course will include the following content:

Anatomy and physiology of movement and training


Various ways of testing

Make a training schedule.

Provide device training.

Fitness trainer: Training requirements

To become a fitness trainer, you do not need to have any specific educational background. A middle school diploma and a particular age are frequently necessary.

In any case, you’ll need a medical certificate as well as your own training or certifications. Because each training provider has their own admissions requirements, it is preferable to inquire directly with the trainer of your choice.

For the fitness trainer B license you have to budget between 800 and 1,500 euros, which is basically the basic training. This allows you to work independently as a fitness trainer. The A license, the highest level, costs up to 4,000 euros for a course or up to 14,000 euros for a degree.

What skills does a fitness trainer need?

As a good role model, you are as fit as a fiddle yourself and enjoy exercise. In this way you motivate the participants and infect them with your energy. 

Of course, pedagogical skills and empathy are also an advantage. Attention and observational accuracy are required when assessing your students’ progress. You should always deal responsibly with their health, e.g. by recognizing physical limits.


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