How To Create And Publish Your Own E Book

eBooks have been incredibly popular in recent years. The marketing initiatives of ebook publishers play a significant role in this.

To advertise their ebooks, ebook publishers employ a range of marketing strategies. These strategies include social media marketing, email marketing, and paid advertising.

One of the strategies that ebook publishers use most frequently to advertise their works is paid advertising. Search engine optimization, display advertising, and internet adverts are all forms of paid advertising.

eBook publishers frequently utilize email marketing as a tool for eBook promotion. Sending emails to prospective clients is a component of email marketing. You can advertise the eBook using emails.

You will find detailed instructions on how to make your own e-book in this short article.

Step 1:

If you do not already have one, go to a search engine and enter in “free online editor WYSIWYG.” Open your HTML editor (Dreamweaver, FrontPage, etc.).

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Step 2:

Your message or suggestion should be typed into the HTML editor or copied and pasted from the text editor. Make your page simple to design. When you are done, save your file in a specified folder. Think about designing your page as a single page or as numerous pages that link to one another like a website. Designing a single page is preferable if you are new to website creation.

 How To Create And Publish Your Own E Book
How To Create And Publish Your Own E Book

Step 3:

Use the eBook compiler to convert your file into an eBook. Download eBook compiler from ( There are free and paid eBook compilers available in this directory. Install the eBook compiler on your PC after downloading it. On the other side, enter “free eBook compiler” into a search engine.

Step 4:

Browse your file (the html file you created in step 2) in your eBook compiler, then follow the on-screen instructions to the very end.

Step 5:

Download and install WinZip by visiting Open the WinZip program and make a new Zip file. Zip the file you added for your eBook.

Step 6:

FTP or Your web server should get your zip file (such as A free web hosting account is also available. Simply put “free website hosting” into a search engine.

 How To Create And Publish Your Own E Book
How To Create And Publish Your Own E Book

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Step 7:

Online publication of your eBook. Send it to the eBook or freebie directories (if your eBook is free). You may submit it to or enter “free eBook directory” into a search engine. Send your e-book to first since their website gets a lot of visitors each week. Make your e-book available for free download to website visitors.

After you have actually created your own e-book, you may publish it online, but only Windows users will be able to read it. How can users of Windows and Mac computers see your e-book? Just write your message or idea into a word processor and save it as text; it couldn’t be easier. Follow the instructions on how to assemble your text into a PDF at

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