How to Survive Your First Overseas Flight

It’s finally here: a holiday in a far-off foreign nation. You are prepared to leave since you have everything packed. You already have your passport, plane ticket, and means of funding for the upcoming weeks.

You feel apprehensive and prepared to go. Here are some ideas to help make a long flight a bit more bearable.

Before you go.

Try to minimize your luggage. One carry-on bag and no more than two suitcases are permitted. Packing shorts and T-shirts will be simpler if you’re traveling to a tropical area. Additionally, new clothing is always available at your destination.

Make sure you have copies of your prescriptions and all of your meds on hand. Find out the most recent guidelines for bringing liquids to your carry-on. Keep in mind that laws and restrictions are subject to change with the weather.

Reconfirm your flight. As a typhoon slammed Taiwan and my aircraft from Hawaii was passing through Taipei, my most recent trip came dangerously close to being delayed by one or two days. In a hurry, I managed to switch my trip to one that passed through Tokyo, Japan, and

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I neglected to check ahead of time, but thankfully I was able to board another aircraft. I got my point across. Get your seat assignment as you confirm. Due to the extra legroom, I like exit rows.

Verify that you have everything once more. I utilize a checklist, which I go through two or three times before I leave. Make sure you have your passport, tickets, and a method of payment with you at all times, such as cash, an ATM card, a credit card, or traveler’s checks.

Making ensuring you have other payment options is a smart idea by using a combination. If you are traveling to a nation with its own currency, arrange to exchange a day’s or two’s worth at the airport of your final destination.

At your home airport

To avoid missing your flight, aim to be at the airport roughly three hours beforehand. It might take a while to get through security and check-in. Be prepared to travel with your travel documents in hand. Check the restrictions once more, especially for what you can pack in your carry-on.

Prior to flying, I always eat there. Airport amenities have improved and become more affordable, so instead of relying just on airline meals, I prefer to have lunch in me. As a snack for the flight, I also pack some trail mix.

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Benefit from the duty-free stores. Purchase cigarettes, alcohol, and other goods at tax-free rates. Prior you purchasing six bottles of whiskey only to discover that you may only bring one, check the import regulations of the country you intend to visit.

Additionally, confirm that you are permitted to bring liquids on flights with one or more layovers. The stopover before your final journey could be where you have to make your buy.

Playing with any of your technological gadgets will pass the time. In most airports, there is wireless connectivity so you may surf and check your email. If you have an iPod or similar device, you can also listen to some music.

Outside of the airline lounges, wireless service is often available in airports. You may access their unprotected network while sitting outside even if you’re not a member.

On the flight

Take every opportunity to unwind and sleep. It will be easier to adjust to the time zone shifts and to jet lag. especially on longer trips, abstain from alcohol, and consume lots of water. Long flights with dry cabin air are a common cause of dehydration. When you arrive, you can become drunk.

While waiting around, read and watch a movie. Play a few of the games in the magazines that are on board. Do your best to remain active. When taking off or landing, chew some gum or mints to reduce the pressure in the air.

The main dish of airplane cuisine is often something I avoid. Salad, bread, and dessert are things I do eat. Most often, the main course is inedible. Because of this, I always eat a meal or several snacks before I leave.

A customs declaration form must be completed aboard the aircraft and given to the customs official. Put this in your passport and do it on the aircraft.


Move as rapidly as you can outside the plane. The race is on since both you and everyone else will have to go through immigration and customs. Before leaving the plane, hopefully, you received instructions.

Otherwise, simply heed the directions. Stopping to smoke or using the restroom is not permitted. Prepare your passport and join the shortest queue possible. To be safe, always carry a duplicate of your boarding pass.

Get your passport stamped, submit your customs declaration, and then go to the luggage carousels while being kind and polite to the customs official. Find the currency exchange and make sure you have your own bags.

You should exchange enough cash to last you one or two days. Debit cards are the simplest option to obtain local money due to the abundance of ATMs across the world. Using a credit card might occasionally be hazardous. Make sure you have your money before leaving.

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