I haven’t gone to church since I met David – Peruzzi disclose


David Music Worldwide signee, Peruzzi, has shown that he’s not been to church since he met his boss, Davido, but believes in God

Peruzzi disclosed this while speaking on Joey Akan’s’Afrobeats Intelligence’ where he also spoke about his days as a keyboardist and chorister.

“I haven’t gone to church since I met David.

“I have always seen myself as a celebrity before I met anyone in this industry, I used to act like people are seeing me’ I didn’t have any drip, but I would make sure that I’m not wearing any fake Gucci, I am not wearing any fake Versace.

“I am wearing a plain white shirt. I had my method which I’m going to be something. I didn’t understand how, but I knew, ‘guy, I’m likely to be something’ I was acting like I was. When David met me personally, I was branding myself already.

“He understood there was a tide. It has been like that since I always felt like in the event that you know you want to get somewhere, just start preparing yourself for this. [It] wasn’t really fake-fake, ’cause I didn’t rock any fake sh*t. However, I pretended to be a star.”

The singer who said he doesn’t intend to remain a singer forever disclosed he sees himself knocking down with his family in California in the next six decades.

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He said, “Like my mom used to say even if you no longer understand where you dey come from, no matter where you dey go. I feel like you can’t just be present. You’ve got to be living.

“And me, I’ve always understood where I need to be, I can let you know where I wish to settle down; Malibu, California. I just want to be there smoking my weed in like six years from now with my wife and my two children.

“I already know everything I need in this life. I understand because I feel like you are supposed to know. If not, why are you currently living? Are you currently working? Why am I even singing? Am I singing because I would like to be singing forever?

“I can not be singing forever today. I’m singing because after singing, I have to do something. I have to be somewhere.

“I must say yes, this is exactly what my life was to be.’ From going to primary school, going to high school, going to uni, it must result in something. It’d be no use for me living when I don’t have a destination.”




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