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Ifeanyi Adeleke: Police free six workers, detain two

Ifeanyi Adeleke was the son of popular music artist Davido and his fiancée, Chioma Rowland. There are indications that the police might conduct an autopsy to determine whether or not Ifeanyi Adeleke passed away as a result of drowning in a swimming pool at his father’s residence in the Banana Island area of Lagos State. Chioma Rowland was engaged to Davido at the time of Ifeanyi Adeleke’s death.

An unimpeachable source, who confirmed the development, stated that it was standard practice for the police to conduct an autopsy in such a case and added that the police would desist from the move if the deceased family members were against it. The source also stated that the police had confirmed the development.

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“Even though the family members are not saying anything just yet because they are still in shock, the standard procedure is to conduct an autopsy and we are going to follow that procedure just like we would in any other case of death,” the source said. “Even though the family members are not saying anything, it is because they are still in shock.”

The source went on to explain that out of the eight domestic workers that were questioned by the police in connection with Ifeanyi’s death, the cook and the nanny, whose job it was to look after the health and well-being of the three-year-old boy, had been detained for reasons including the failure to uphold the duty of care of the minor.

According to the source, “It was the nanny’s job to take care of the youngster (Ifeanyi); the nanny was neglectful else how could the boy have left the house without her knowledge?”

“The youngster exited the home, walked around to the back where the swimming pool is located, and then fell into the swimming pool. Nobody picked up on it till much later on. He had already passed out at that moment and was lying lifeless at the bottom of the swimming pool.

Therefore, they were able to get him outside and hurry him to the Lagoon Hospital, where the medical staff did their best to bring him back to life, but they were ultimately unsuccessful. They left the facility and took the kid to Evercare Hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly after they arrived.

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They have brought his body to the morgue so that a pathologist may examine it and determine what caused his death. The police have questioned all of the housekeepers who were present in the residence when the event took place; however, only the nanny and the chef have been held.

SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the spokesman for the Lagos State Police Command, stated, “I talked with the DPO and he said the nanny and the chef have been detained. I can confirm that they have been apprehended.” This statement confirmed the imprisonment of the two domestic employees. Other domestic employees who had been hauled in for questioning have been let go.

Potential examination of the CCTV system
Closed-circuit television, according to Edward Ajogun, a former Commissioner of Police in Ogun State, may be able to assist shed further light on the circumstances that led to Ifeanyi’s death.

He stated, “Given the nature of Davido, it is reasonable to assume that all of these surveillance tools are currently in place.” There is undoubtedly a resident of Banana Island who has all of these various security devices set up.

“CCTV is like having a third eye; it is a technology that was developed to monitor an area from a remote location.” It was designed specifically with the aim of thwarting criminal activity and uncovering those responsible for it.

“As a crime detection tool, CCTV will aid in offering an insight into how that specific incident transpired and will make it simpler to discover who perpetrated that crime in areas where crimes have been committed,”

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