Imo: Three suspected POS robbers Lynched by Angry mob

Ideato South

Assailants from the Ideato South Local Government Area, Imo State, were lynched in front of the Afor-Ukwu market in Isiekenesi by an enraged mob.

The suspects are accused of robbing a POS operator on Thursday and fleeing with the POS machine in Ideato South

They immediately alerted locals and mobs who lynched the three robbery victims as soon as they were discovered.

“The Daily Post” reports that after chasing the suspects to Mgbee from where they were arrested in Isiekenesi, they fled.

Angry mobs thrashed them to death and drove them back to Affor-Ukwu Market.

After spraying them with gasoline and setting them on fire in the middle of the road, they took three old tires and lit them on fire.

Mike Abatam, the Imo police spokesperson, declined to confirm the report, saying, “I can’t confirm that report right now, but I’d appreciate it if you could wait; just exercise some patience because I’m currently working on another release.”



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