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In Imo, IPOB commander who killed Ahmed Gulak detained

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) deputy commander, Nwagwu Chiwendu, who was also in charge of the murder of Northern politician Ahmed Gulak, has been detained by Nigerian security forces.

According to PRNigeria, Mr. Chiwendu is the primary firearms instructor for IPOB and has advanced to second in command to Temple, who is currently in charge of the organization in Imo State.

The renowned felon left the Nigerian Army and has been a member of ESN since January 21.
He had experience in operations while serving on the OPHK. He was detained yesterday at his father’s funeral in Mbaise. Tonight at Obowo, he is taking us to their camp.
He admitted to killing Gulak and said his group was behind the kidnapping of the two foreigners on the Owerri-Okigwe Road and the murder of the two police inspectors who were accompanying them.

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They are the ones that burned our Hilux last week and killed two of our guys in the same place. They both took part in the assault on the INEC office in Owerri.

An official military source told PRNigeria that “he is currently with the Police.”

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