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It’s A Dangerous Thing to Build Up a Man of Low Integrity – Angela Okorie asserts

Angela Okorie, a Nigerian actress and singer, highlighted the dangers of building a man with low integrity from the ground up.

The screen diva, who was once accused of having an affair with both her husband and wife, warned women to be wary of men who can’t be trusted in a post on her social media page.

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Angela Okorie reaffirms the impending heartbreak of such a decision by sharing stunning photos of herself in a casual outfit and sunshades.

“Building up a man of low integrity is a dangerous thing!! She wrote, “It’s like sharpening the knife that will be used to stab you.”

Meanwhile, Mercy Eke, a reality TV show star, became a social media sensation after sharing a video of herself that implied the result of the ‘work done’ on her face.

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Mercy Eke’s facial bone, on the other hand, drew the attention of many who assumed the reality star had altered her appearance in some way through plastic surgery.

Mercy donned a new look, prompting fans to inquire as to what she’d done.

Many people have commented that she appears to have had Botox or facial surgery. Others inquired as to what she had done to her face and expressed their displeasure with her new appearance.

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