Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck hanging out more together amid reunion rumors

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

According to several sources, the two ex-lovers have recently “spent several days together in Montana.”

According to sources in a study by, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have a close bond.

According to PEOPLE, a source said, “It’s all been short and intense, but Jennifer is happy.”

During their reunion, the two are said to have taken a tour.

In late April, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were photographed at her Los Angeles home.

According to PEOPLE, Lopez, 51, and Affleck, 48, were seen in Montana riding in a car together near a resort in Big Sky, where Affleck owns a home.

Affleck was reportedly driving while Lopez sat in the passenger seat, according to sources.

Images from their outing were also published in the Daily Mail.

“[Jennifer] spent several days out of town with Ben. There is a close bond between them. “It’s been a whirlwind of activity, but Jennifer is happy,” a source is quoted as saying.

They were later seen landing in L.A. on a private jet on Saturday, according to reports.

They got engaged in 2002 and spent their years together making headlines as “Bennifer.” Both of them appeared in the movies Jersey Girl and Gigli.

Their wedding was postponed in 2003, and they later split up in January 2004.




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