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Korra Obidi breaks down in tears as she apologizes to her fans about her failed marriage

Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi, has finally responded to claims that she is unconcerned about her marital problems with husband Justin Dean as she breaks down in tears, saying she’s only being strong for her girls.

It’s no longer news that the singer’s 4-year marriage to her American husband is on the verge of hitting rock bottom. Justin had publicly announced that he was divorcing her and alleged that she was unbothered about the crisis in their marriage and also, tagged her as a cheat and a narcissist in the marriage.

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However, amid the divorce saga, Korra constantly went live on her social media platforms and continued to entertain her audience with dance, as if all was well, an action that made some netizens drag her to filth, insisting that she should be of social media at this time.


Where she replied that if her fans were mad for advising her to be off social media as social media is her only source of income.


During a Facebook live session on Friday, March 18, the mother of two broke down in tears as she explained that she’s been dancing and pretending the situation is not weighing her down for the sake of her kids.

She apologized to her fans for her failed marriage, and to everyone who bought into the perfect depiction of interracial love she projected online.

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