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Lagos State New Traffic Offences And Their Fines.

Driving in Lagos State can be a very daunting task, and everyone that lives within the state can attest to this.

And to make driving safe and enjoyable, the State government has devised a more profitable means to curb the excess of drivers.

It’s not arguable that this careless and nonchalant attitude of drivers and road users has cost so many lives and properties, making it very important for the authorities to come out with stern warnings that will attract some repercussions.

This ugly trend has made unsafe the road for its users and in a bid to avert further damages and loss of lives the State government decides to come up with the following traffic offenses and fines.


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1. Driving without a Driver’s license – Impound vehicle.

2. Driving of any vehicle by a person under 18 – N30,000.

3. Driving with fake number plates – N30,000, 3 years in prison.

4. Driving with forged vehicle particulars – 6 months in prison.

5. Driving with a fake driver’s license – 6 months in prison.

6. Driving without road worthiness – Impound vehicle.

7. Driving only yellow – N80,000. Enforce painting

8. Driving without Hackey permit – Impound vehicle.

9. No display of Hackey permit – Impound vehicle

10. Kabu Kabu without a permit – Impound vehicle

11. Disobeying LASTMA Officer – N30,000/
Impound vehicle.

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12. Neglect of traffic direction light – 3 months in prison.

13. Smoking while driving – N30,000/Impound vehicle.

14. Physically assault traffic officer – N50,000/6 months in prison.

15. Driving without full light – N50,000.

16. Driving with worn-out tires – N30,000.

17. Driving without a spare tire – N30,000

18. Driving smoking vehicle – N30,000

19. No fire extinguisher – N30,000

20. Broken windscreen – N30,000

21. Tinted windscreen – N30,000

22. Eating and driving with one hand – 3 months in prison.

23. One-way driving – 3 years in prison

24. Driving without fastening seat belt – N30,000

25. Not painting a commercial vehicle the approved color – N50,000

26. No car hire service permit – 1st 20,000; 2nd N30,000, Impound vehicle

27. Parking on the yellow line on any public highway/

illegal parking – 1st N20,000; subsequent N30,000

28. Vehicle crossing double yellow line/center line – 1st N20,000; subsequent N30,000.

29. Staying within the yellow junction box (offside rule) – 1st N20,000; subsequent N30,000

30. Failure to yield to the right of the way of a pedestrian at a zebra crossing – 1st N20,000; subsequent N30,000

31. Failure to give to traffic on the left at a roundabout – 1st N20,000; subsequent N30,000.

32. Driving on walkway or curb – Impound

33. Reversing on the highway & parking on walkways – 50,000 naira

34. Obstruction of traffic -20,000 naira

35. Picking/Dropping passengers on illegal B/stop -50,000 naira

36. Driving on BRT lanes – 70,000 naira.

Ignorance is not an excuse! While we accept that it’s not possible for all the traffic agencies to arrest everyone, all they just need is someone who will be used as a scapegoat, please, don’t be one of such.

Obey all traffic laws and drive responsibly.

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