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Legend of Buratai: How former Army Chief is inspiring young Nigerians

Lt. Gen Tukur Buratai (rtd) may no longer be Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff, yet the now retired gallant soldier’s patriotism, gallantry and selflessness is inspiring the next generation of Nigerians.

Hailed as his country’s finest Army Chief, Buratai stepped aside from the military on January 26th 2021 – marking a meritorious end to a distinguished career.

His meteoric rise and exploits as COAS was aptly captured in two volumes of the book, ‘The Legend of Buratai’.

The books, co-authored by a seasoned journalist and essayist, Dr Abubakar Sani, is a true-life story of the former military chief.

During the unveiling of the first edition in 2019, Sani said he was inspired by Buratai’s legendary and therefore wanted the younger generation to read his incredible life and draw inspiration.

Furthering, he stated that the heroics of the former Army Chief is unrivalled and is something that would be a guide for the younger generation if recorded for them to read.

Just as forecasted by Sani, young Nigerians have began to draw lessons from Buratai, who is set to begin a new career path in diplomacy.blank

Some children displayed zeal to follow the former Army Chief’s example when a non-governmental organisation, PLAY it DREAM it,  on, Sunday, brought copies of the book to an Internally Displaced Persons camp in Abuja.

The initiator, Erelu Aderonke Ogunleye-Bello, and her team were on the ground to coordinate the excited children who were very attentive as chapters of these books were read to them.

“Reading from these passages left all the children spellbound,” blankblankthe organisers said.

“They wanted more. There were also members of the team that translated from English to Hausa, for those who needed an in-depth understanding of the passages.

“Even as they were there to listen to some awesome stories, they also had time to happily run around, playing football and engaging in other healthy exercises”.

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