Let communities Set Up Regional Security Outfit – Peter Obi


Former Anambra Governor, Peter Obi, has called for the federal government to authorise states to set up a regional security system to address the security challenges nationwide.

Mr. Peter Obi, while featuring on a TV programme on Monday evening, stated he set up a security outfit for communities in Anambra, which the federal government funded.

“Allow some region-like state security system to function. The federal government has to come out genuinely to tackle the problem of security of lives and properties by investing in them,” stated Mr. Obi.

“I served as a governor, and when I discovered that we had a security challenge, I decided that every neighbourhood in Anambra state should have their own security outfit funded and supported by the federal government,” he added.

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“If you go to Anambra state, every community has a pickup for security. In fact, some own two or three. A community like Nnewi owns 4 or 5 because it’s critical.”

Mr. Obi, the vice president of the People Democratic Party within the 2019 elections, explained further, “Help every community, let governments of the states help every community. There isn’t any better protection or security you may have within a community than those communities being in charge of their  own security because they know the criminals.”

“They know those who are foreigners of their community. It is vitally simple. You can’t come to my village and supply a better community than my villagers,” Mr. Obi added.

In 2020, the South-West governors launched a security outfit known as Western Nigerian Security Network code-named Amotekun.

States within the region established Amotekun to tackle kidnappings, banditry, and killings.

The South-East region additionally set up a security outfit, the Eastern Security Network, by IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu.

However, the security outfits are confronted with many challenges and haven’t been capable of curb insecurity within the regions.



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