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LSTMB seals off traditional medicine practitioners’ offices in violation of law

Traditional medicine practitioners’ premises have been sealed off by the Lagos State Traditional Medicine Board (LSTMB) for continuing to violate the rules and regulations governing traditional medicine practise in the state, beginning with traditional birth attendants, faith-based healers, and bone-setters.

The operation, which was carried out in collaboration with the Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps, impacted the homes of seven practitioners in the Mushin, Somolu, and Bariga areas.

During the exercise, the Registrar of the Board, Olorunkemi Olawale Kadiku, explained that the event had been long overdue, as the practitioners’ registration with the state government had expired in March.
The exercise, which was carried out in accordance with the National Council of Health’s directive, was not taken seriously by the affected people, according to Kadiku, who added that the affected practitioners had already been issued abatement notices.

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Despite several pleas from the state government, he added, practitioners whose premises were sealed have been operating their facilities without approval or licence to practise in the state.

Faith-based healers, under which Pentecostal Churches operate, must also register, according to Kadiku, adding that “so far they have birth attendant facilities,” and that all practises relating to traditional medicine, birth attendants, faith-based healing, bone setting, and the like must be done within the state’s legal framework, as recommended by the National Body on Health.

The Registrar, who led the enforcement team, said a situation where practitioners operate in a filthy environment and willingly test the patience and magnanimity of government by flagrantly breaking the law will no longer be tolerated, assuring that the agency will do everything possible within the law to sanitise traditional medicine practise in the state.

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One of the birth attendants was handed over to the Nigeria Police, Area D Command, Mushin, for prosecution as a deterrent to others who refused to register despite a series of warnings and abatement notices.

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