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Man arrested for stealing N6.6m from his friend’s bank account and using it to bet in Lagos

The victim handed his buddy his ATM card so that he could buy food for him, but the friend stole the card and connected it to an app for sports betting.

A young man was apprehended after he stole N6.6 million from the bank account of a friend and used it to place bets in the Badagry neighborhood of Lagos.

Mixed feelings have been expressed in response to a video that shows the moment the perpetrator was challenged by his buddies for carrying out the heinous deed.

It was discovered that the victim handed his friend his ATM card so that he could buy food for him, but the friend stole the card and added sports betting app to it.

The ATM card was subsequently used to make a series of incremental payments totaling N6.6 million into his betting account. His payment history revealed that he made repeated transfers totaling 130,000 to his betting account.

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He was unfortunately found in Badagry, Lagos State, where he was detained and shamed for suspected larceny.

The jeweler, who went by Hollyghost Nicki, used her Instagram account to confront the suspected burglar and to publish a CCTV video that documents the entire episode.

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She said the young man had bought a Moissanite diamond necklace and pendant and asked for payment upon delivery, which is against the terms of her business agreement. Nevertheless, she complied and dispatched a rider to deliver the property.

The young guy, however, made a cunning move on the dispatch rider and fled with the jewelry, which is valued at N920k. The merchant pledged never to use payment upon delivery again after the bad experience.

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