Marcelo Becomes Real Madrid’s First Foreign Captain Since 1904

Real Madrid

After Sergio Ramos has taken the time to work at Real Madrid for 16 years, his captainships’ will be transferred to another hero of a club – Marcelo.

As a result, since 1904 Marcelo has become the club’s first foreign captain, with each club captain between them from Spain until 117 years ago, when Federico Revuelto from Guatemala became captain.

In Real Madrid, the Captain is given to the player who was the longest in the first team, so that the Brésilian, 15 years in the club, is given the bracelet.

This custom has been criticized in the past, such as by Jose Mourinho, who hesitated to award Iker Casillas the captain, as he wanted to wear the bracelet on the outfielder instead, but it survived.

Marcelo’s bracelet will be worn mainly in his absence by Karim Benzema, who was only behind Marcelo during his years at the club and who probably became the most significant player in his team because he will again confront a limited amount of time on his pitch next year.

Sergio Ramos has led the squad to a spectacular run of success since he took up the position of Iker Casillas Club Captain in 2015 as he won 12 trophies, including 3 consecutive Champions League wins from 2016 through 2018.



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