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Mbaka denies prophesying against Peter Obi’s Presidency

After giving the keys to Fr. Anthony Amadi on Sunday, the man claimed, “I started hearing that Fr. Mbaka talked against Peter Obi. On that Sunday, “I, Rev. Fr. Mbaka, never mentioned Peter not to say of Obi,”

“I have forgiven you, but I want to hear that you have apologized and withdrawn what you said against me on that day just to put the Adoration ministry in trouble,” the speaker said.

“Please, whoever is being used by the devil to blackmail me in the name of doing any job for anybody is satanic and should withdraw such nefarious and satanic utterance and be careful when you want to harm the image of a man of God.

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He urged people who, in his opinion, were preparing to oppose his removal as the AMEN’s spiritual leader to abandon their plans.

“The protest could endanger my priestly call rather than assisting me. Encourage love and peace throughout this time, and pray more so that God in heaven can take care of the rest for us. In Jesus’ name.

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