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Med-View Kicks As Bank Seals Property In Lagos

Yesterday, police officers seized control of the Med-View Airline PLC headquarters in Lagos and shut the building.

The group proceeded to carry out an order that had been obtained by First Bank Nigeria PLC, one of the airline’s lenders, about a purported N4 billion debt.

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However, the airline denounced the “invasion” of its facilities in Ikeja and Lekki, which it termed as a breach of court orders, through its attorney, Mr. Lawal Pedro (SAN).

The Med-View attorney emphasized that this did not entail taking custody of or sealing the airline’s property while reading from a copy of the ex-parte ruling issued by Justice Lawal Akapo in Suit No: ID/6251/GCMW/22 delivered on November 22.

Instead, he said Justice Akapo ordered the preservation of the airline’s assets from sale or other alienation until First Bank, which has not yet filed an action in relation to the alleged debt, complies with the pre-action protocol procedure.

He claimed that, subject to the bank complying with pre-action protocol procedures, Justice Oluyemi in Suit Nos. ID/6241/GCMW/22 and ID/6243/GCMW/22 both delivered on November 22, granted the second and third ex parte orders secured by the bank to take over the managing director of the airline’s residence at Olabanji Olajide Street off Admiralty Way Lekki Phase 1.

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He declared, “We have met with bank representatives and exchanged letters on a peaceful settlement of any unpaid debt and for the parties to reestablish normal banking relations.

Therefore, it came as a shocking shock to us when officers broke into our customers’ homes in Ikeja and Lekki this morning (Monday), shooed everyone out, and then sealed the homes as if the bank had won the case in court and the debt had been officially determined.

Some consider this to be unlawful, and a company like First Bank—which we hold in the highest regard—should not be taking part in it—especially because it has a full legal department. We are taking the necessary actions to ensure that our clients receive justice and a remedy through the legal system.

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