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Meet Innycredible; The copywriter reviving the self-awareness niche in the Nigerian Blogsphere

In an interview with Abuja-based journalist, Sunny Green, Innysblog founder, Innocent Okochikwu reveals the rationale behind the brand. His journey to self-discovery as well as how he intends to help other people discover themselves.

What’s Innysblog all about?

Innysblog was built on an observation I had noticed. I can’t explain without giving the full story of how Nigerian society has, in no small way, made some people zombies.

Where people see no need to believe or aspire because the environment has preconditioned their minds to naturally settle to be less.

Innysblog was born to be a mediator to help people awaken to their full potential through self-awareness, and healing from the mediocrity the environment shows to be their reality.

What does the brand offer?

The nature of the blog allows us to have the leverage to diversify. I mean, the fact that you can give out good content shows you have the skill to make good content.

Plus, as the owner of the blog, I have a background in the advertising industry/content creation business.

So, we branched out to be a service arm that helps businesses, and individuals alike create content for their social media pages, email marketing, creation of blog posts, and communication needs that help clients engage with their audiences.

What is that unique thing that your brand will be bringing to the industry?

For now, more than anything, Innysblog is concerned about the growth of individuals. Although we extend to offer business services, our number one goal is to promote the idea of self-awareness and intentionality in youths to seek, find, and achieve their purpose by exhibiting full mastery of self.

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We want people to know themselves, and not be branded by whatever label society puts on the youths of nowadays. “Not everything is cruise”, and sometimes, the only thing you need to achieve success is identifying your strengths, and weaknesses, and how you can turn your limitations around to achieve greatness.

Success to us is reshaping as many mindsets as possible to read, think, and be inspired to a new level of thinking.

Innysblog is a startup, how do you intend to reach potential clients?

A good friend of mine once said, “everything starts with the mindset.” I always believe as a person in the power of possibilities.

As a startup with little recognition, the sky is the limit. We are hungry and willing to use that hunger to our advantage by doubling our efforts to deliver excellence.

I believe if your craft is good, people will come, but before they come, they have to first see the good thing you have.

We plan on running promotions to get our content out to the public. Don’t be surprised when you start seeing more of us. Just take note of the name now.

Advertising and intentional networking are our starting cards. I don’t want to reveal all the surprises here.

What is the vision of the brand?

Read, think, and be inspired. Innysblog’s mission is to be a go-to blog for unbiased and pinpoint advice on the web.

We want to be your online besty, that is our most prioritized goal; to be reputable enough to win your trust, and efficient enough to cause a ripple effect of new ideas in your old method of thinking.

We also plan to transfer that excellence to the service we provide. We aim to help businesses foster closer ties with their target audience.

Before setting up Innysblog, what were you doing?

I mentioned having a background in the content creation business earlier. Well, before I started the blog, I have been, and still, work as a copywriter/ content creator.

It was a result of giving back to the community and leaving my mark on the environment I found myself. That’s why I started the blog.

What is your financial projection for the brand?

I’ll take my money in human development. If I can gather a community of individuals who feel inspired and become better individuals, that will be worth more than a million dollars.

Money is important, but that isn’t why I started the blog. That’s why we have a donation page for viewers who fancy the vision and want to see the blog continually running. However, for me, as the founder, investment in people is profit enough.

Do you welcome partnership?

There’s always room for growth. I forgot to mention earlier that aside from content creation, we also sell tee shirts that bear our customized writeups.

This is also a form of support to keep the blog running. I don’t mind partnering to make what we have better, as long as the originality of the blog’s purpose is left unchanged.

What other thing would you love the public to know about this new brand in town?

That self-awareness and motivation are not a total waste of time as we make to be.

People pay good money to be inspired. Life can be overwhelming, and we should not downplay the power of self-awareness and purpose.

We want to rewrite the narrative and help more people, but it starts with them opening up to accept the message we bring.

Tell us about yourself

Innocent Okochikwu, also known as Innycredible is the founder of Innysblog. He is a prolific copywriter and self-help blogger with over 3years of industry experience.

He is passionate about growth and mastery of self-discovery. He makes this known through insightful content that he shares on his blog and newsletters.

A mass communication graduate that hails from Benue State and is domiciled in the city of Abuja, innycredible loves evening strolls, playing basketball, and developing new blog topics from his conversation with strangers.

You can reach me on these platforms.

IG: @iam_innycredible
Twitter: @_innysblog

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