Most effective ways to quit smoking

Most effective ways to quit smoking

Smoking is no longer just a nasty habit, but also a dubious pleasure that is serious and will be cheap, thanks to increased cigarette prices.

The dangers of smoking have long been established. Nicotine, cyanides, hydrocyanic acid, carbon monoxide, and benzopyrene are among the more than 300 chemicals found in tobacco smoke that are extremely damaging to the human body.

When harmful substances enter a smoker’s body, they irritate the mucous membranes of the respiratory system, causing coughing and making the human voice harsh.

Because the mucous membranes are continually inflamed, their protective capabilities are diminished, and smokers are more likely to contract infectious and respiratory disorders.

When a person smokes, harmful compounds are inhaled and deposited in the body – on the mucous membranes and lung alveoli (bubble-shaped structure).

Because smokers’ lungs become less elastic and can contain less air, less oxygen enters the body, causing them to feel ill and diminishing their efficiency.

Nicotine at high amounts causes cardiac failure, as well as damage to the brain, liver, and circulatory system. Taste buds become less sensitive, the sense of smell gets less acute, vision deteriorates, and the skin becomes bland and unattractive in heavy smokers.

In addition, hazardous compounds are swallowed with saliva and discovered in the stomach. Several chemicals produced during the combustion of paper and tobacco, including tar and benzopyrene, are not eliminated by the body and can cause cancer.

Scientists discovered that smokers are about ten times more likely than non-smokers to develop lung cancer.

Easy ways to quit smoking

.When you wish to get more and more of this deadly material, you become addicted to nicotine in cigarettes.

In addition to physiological dependence, smoking has a psychological component: cigarettes are frequently connected with positive experiences, such as taking a break from work, relaxing with friends, or conversing with coworkers.

As a result, the desire to stop smoking is the most important requirement for stopping.

According to specialists, it takes 21 days for a person to establish or shed a habit,

thus this is the time to try to go without cigarettes for 21 days to forget about their addiction.

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Many smokers have found success with the book & # 34; Easy Way to Quit Smoking; by British writer Carr. According to the author, smokers are only hindered from quitting because of the terror that cigarettes cause.

Nicotine replacement treatment — a method of delivering nicotine to the body without the use of tobacco – is used to relieve the stress of quitting smoking. during therapy, medical nicotine is utilized, which has a lower dose than cigarettes and contains no hazardous chemicals.

Nicotine patches, nicotine lollipops, and nicotine spray are all options for therapeutic nicotine.

Easy ways to quit smoking, top 3:

containment and care from irritants

Protect yourself from situations in which you spend at least three days you usually smoke (smoke at work, get together with friends, a cup of coffee with a cigarette) and refrain from smoking.

Then also try to avoid the situations in which you usually smoke and cigarette smoke, and later you will feel that you no longer need cigarettes.

replacing smoking with sports

the body’s deception

When you want to smoke, eat fruits or vegetables (excluding apples). Scientists believe that the human brain occasionally confuses a desire for smoke with a need for fiber.

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