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Residence of Borno welcoming the returning of peace, as the Forth Edition of Ambassador Lt Gen TY BURATAI RTD PEACE AND UNITY CUP Competition comes to an end peacefully.
The Nigerian Ambassador to Benin Republic, Lt Gen TY Buratai ( RTD), in his relentless effort to restore peace and unity in Borno State, Northeast and the entire country at large through kinetic and non-kinetic way, engages thousands of youths in Borno State, as the forth edition of Ambassador Lt Gen TY Buratai RTD PEACE AND UNITY CUP competition started and ended successfully with forty-four participating clubs across the State.
The competition, which was organized by TY BURATAI FOUNDATION, identifies Clubs and individuals by giving them different kinds of sporting equipments such as sets of Jerseys, awards among others, at the end of the competition.

Fourth Edition of Ambassador Lt Gen TY BURATAI RTD PEACE AND UNITY CUP Competition A true patriotic nigerian and a role model to copy
F. C Arsenal of Bolori defeated F.C Buratai Academy by three goals to two at the normal regulation time of ninety minutes.
Supporters and spectators across the State call on well to do individuals in the society to emulate The Ambassador Buratai by contributing their own quarter for youths engagement and development.
In IGABI Local Government Area in Kaduna State, such kind of Competition was organized in honour of the Nigerian Ambassador to the Benin Republic Lt Gen TY Buratai RTD.
It could be recall that Borno State which was tagged as the “HOME OF PEACE ” in Nigeria was once disturbed by Boko Haram insurgents but with the assumption of Ambassador Lt Gen TY Buratai RTD into the office of Chief of Army Staff, recapture all the local government Areas and bring back it lost glory.
Dignitaries at the occasion are the Borno State  Commissioner Police, Deputy Controller of Correctional Service,  ChairmanAlhaji Ali Bolori M.M.C and  Alhaji Babagana Kalli Kachallah Chairman Football Association F.A Borno state among others.

HOME OF PEACE His country is first in his mind as the best priorities Fourth Edition of Ambassador Chief of Army Staff Chief of Army Staff reclaim its former glory Buratai Academy's F. C Buratai Academy Ambassador Buratai

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Ibrahim Tukur Worker
Borno State

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