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Ngige urges Nigerians to face 2023 with positive attitude

Chris Ngige, the minister of labor and employment, has urged Nigerians to welcome the New Year with optimism and to never lose faith in a better Nigeria.
In his message to the nation on Sunday in Abuja, the minister offered counsel.

He claimed that although Nigerians faced difficult obstacles, they were not insurmountable, which is why everyone should approach the new year with a cheerful outlook.

“As we welcome the start of 2023, we must also reflect on the year that has passed while keeping in mind that better times are still to come.

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“Even if our challenges are intimidating, we must have the bravery and resolve to overcome them.
Our founding ancestors fought for a rich and abundant Nigeria, and it is this spirit that will see us through to that goal, he continued.

Ngige took advantage of the occasion to express his gratitude to Nigerian workers for their assistance since 2015 in supporting him and President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.
According to him, the government has prioritized the wellbeing of its employees from the beginning and would continue to do so as it comes to an end in five months.

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