Custom To Impound Unverified Private Jets From July 6


Nigeria Customs Service announced that unverified documents will impose private jets in the country as of 6 July 2021.

NCS Public Relations officer Joseph Attah told newsmen on Monday, June 21, a one-month grace period was awarded to private jet owners in line with the ongoing private aircraft audit in Nigeria.

Attah, who indicated that certain people brought to the aircraft under the temporary import permit (PIP), requested that owned or operated private aircraft report to Abuja’s customs office

Prior to July 6, NCAA Flight Operations Competence Certificate (FOCC), Maintenance Compliance Certificate of NCAA (MCC), and Temporary Import Permit ( TIP) shall include all necessary documents that include an Aircraft Certificated Registration.

The NCS spokesperson has this to say.

The Service believes that owners of private aircraft are highly-placed individuals who would be willing to comply with extant laws of the land governing the importation of the aircraft they own, this includes payments of all appropriate duties and taxes.

“The period for such temporary importation for some of the aircraft has expired and they have neither renewed nor re-exported the aircraft in line with extant laws governing that in Nigeria.

At the end of the verification, some of the things we are suspecting will come to light and we will make further details known.

“As an agency of government responsible for enforcement of laws governing imports and exports in Nigeria, NCS will not hesitate to invoke appropriate sanctions on any defaulting private aircraft owner immediately after the expiration of the verification period on Tuesday, July 6, 2021.”

He added that the essence of the holistic audit is to ensure that all aircraft privately owned in the country were properly imported and cleared with all appropriate taxes paid.



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